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We offer top notch educational content that caters to the serious learners and educators alike. The Civil Service Aspirants can find content like Civil Service Essays, Editorial Analysis, Current Affairs, Civil Service Vocabulary and Civil Service Writing Practice curated for their needs.

You can find Textbook Study Material (Explanations and Answers) for various Indian National (CBSE/NCERT, ISC, ICSE) and State Boards (CHSE Odisha, BSE Odisha, Maharashtra Board, Karnataka Board). Study material for BA (and BA Alternative English) and MA courses are also available here. There is also a section dedicated to literature where we post easily digestible breakdowns of complex literary works like Francis Bacon Essays and William Shakespeare Sonnets.

That aside, we provide masterful English skill enhancement content like Bilingual (Odia and Hindi to English) Translation Exercises, Comprehension Exercises, Vocabulary Exercises, Grammar Exercises, Write Your Version/Rewriting Exercises, Essay Writing, Letter Writing, Proposal Writing, Summary/Precis Writing, Report Writing, Resume Writing, Composition Writing. Studying and practicing these rigorously will take your English writing to unprecedented levels.

We also post quality notes for Sociology students on regular basis.

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