Creative Writing – 148 – Write Your Version

Creative Writing – 148

Write your version

Write the contents of the paragraph in your own language

FP Passage

The earthquake came amid other natural disasters in South Asia, driven by climate change: Massive flooding has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in northeastern Bangladesh and neighboring India. According to the United Nations, up to 4 million people are in urgent need of help in Bangladesh, where early monsoon rains have flooded the Surma River. In Meghalaya, India, 38 inches of rain were measured on Sunday. The floods follow a heat wave that brought record highs to the region in April.

Example Answer

South Asia is now reeling under devastating floods in Bangladesh and the adjoining sreas of India. As per U.N. reports, four million Bangladeshis are in desperate need of succor after its Surma River swelled dangerously after copious rains. India’s Meghalaya province received a staggering downpour of 38 inches on Sunday. The floods have come on the heels of a long scorching heat wave that swept through the region in April.

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