The Racing-horse Winner – CBSE/NCERT English Elective Class 11 – Complete Explanation

The Rocking-horse Winner by D. H. Lawrence Complete explanation of the lesson included in the NCERT/CBSE Class 11 Elective English book ‘Woven Words’ About the author H. Lawrence ((1885-1930) was born in Nottinghamshire in England.  Lawrence’s father was a coal miner whose days were marked … Read more

Comprehension Exercise – 32 (Reading Skills for CBSE Class 10)

Comprehension Exercise – 32 Creative Writing – 90 Comprehension Exercises for school students (CBSE, ICSE, BSE) Text sourced from Washington Post The protesters of Hong Kong and Moscow aren’t backing down. In two world cities, a defiant brand of people power is standing tall against … Read more

Comprehension Exercise – 31 (Reading Skills for CBSE Class 11)

Comprehension Exercise – 31 Creative Writing – 89 Comprehension Exercises for school students (CBSE, ICSE, BSE) Article – 1 : sourced from BBC Chinese authorities have declared a red alert as a powerful typhoon heads towards the eastern coast. Typhoon Lekima is currently battering Taiwan … Read more