Proposal writing for improvement of school environment (ISC Language)

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Proposal Writing for ISC Board Students

Heading – Improvement of Our School’s Environment

Objective – To eliminate the problem of stench emanating from the corporation drain running aside our school’s boundary wall.

Why it is important – Everyone in the school inhales obnoxious air all through the day. Our school’s canteen also is located in the vicinity of our boundary wall. Stench in an eating place is a repulsive idea. Apart from that, our swimming pool built as per international standards at great cost virtually abuts the boundary wall, and is affected by the stench all the time. Quite clearly, we have to contend with a serious health hazard because of such polluted air.

Why the problem persists – The corporation says it has no money to provide concrete slabs to cover the drain. The shops on the other side of the road are affected too, as the stench repels their customers. They wait for the corporation to do the job, which is not going to happen any time soon.

What is the way out and how our school can facilitate the work – We, in Class X, had some very preliminary discussion with some of the shop owners. They say the work of putting concrete slabs on the drain might cost Rs.2.5 crores. They are ready to mobilize funds to the tune of Rs.1 crore. The rest is to be arranged.

What we can do in this regard without straining our slender reserves – Our swimming pool is one of the best in Asia, and is ideal for training budding swimmers. In the same way, our Physics laboratory and Computer Lab are superb. Many schools in the town envy our facilities. There are some 10 private and 12 government schools, who are keen to have such facilities, but lack the resources. We can allow them to use our facilities just for three days a week, so that our own access to the facilities is not hampered. The annual fee can be Rs.5 lakh for the swimming pool, and Rs. 2 lakh for each of the two labs. We can thus collect Rs.9 lakh per year. We can approach Premzi Foundation and CISCO, India to donate Rs.10 lakh each from their CSR budgets. After accumulating a total of Rs.1.3 crore like this, we can prevail upon the Corporation to allocate the rest amount from their funds. They will be morally obliged to accede to our plea.

Our proposal – Let a steering committee be formed with two senior teachers and five students to take the project forward, and work out the nitty-gritty of the facilities –leasing arrangement.

Conclusion – If this project comes to fruition, it would be a giant step for a small school like ours in the field of finding collaborative solutions to social issues.

We respectfully invite the opinions of teachers and students about the way this proposal has been created.

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    Suhasini Sharma

    This isn’t the correct format for a proposal for the ISC.


    i am an isc student and from batch 2022-23 the format:

    Proposal Title
    Heading: (an introduction and should have two points)
    Objective: (also two points to be mentioned)
    List of measures: (when the event should happen, criteria and amount to be paid, where it will take place and all that important details, 4 marks atleast 6 points is required)
    Conclusion: (a small ending line)

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x