Writing a resume for getting admission into a college (ISC Language Class 12)

Resume Writing – 2

Creative Writing – 13

A resume to enable you to get into a college of your choice

Specimen 1

I have always been a laggard in my studies all my life, and there is no way I can show some spectacular results in my Plus 2. But, I have never felt bad about it. I want to follow my life’s passions. Like Robert Frost, I want to tread the path less travelled. I want to be a veterinarian.

I have always loved animals, both jungle and domestic. The tigers, leopards, the crocs and the cats, all appear so very dear to me. I often think how less they benefit from the advances of technology. Poaching of elephants for their ivory, killing of tigers for their skin and body parts and killing of whales for their meat appear so much abhorrent to me.

If I qualify as a vet, I can work in a zoo, or in a village veterinary facility. That idea of a life among the wild beasts in a zoo, or a rural area upsets many among my family, but for me these are the places to redeem your pledge to God to treat all His creations with empathy, and care.

I am keen to study this science in Veterinary Science College in Bangalore. I hope I will qualify for a seat despite my lackluster career. After I become a vet, I will set new benchmarks in animal care and spread the noble idea of treating all animals as your own friends.

Specimen 2

I am going to pass my Plus 2 Science in about1 or 2 months. My hopes of repeating my scholarship-winning performance in the Class X and the KVPY have been bolstered by the many rounds of Mock tests my teachers put me through in the build-up to the Finals.

I want to take up a career in Social Service – to transform rural India and bring smiles to scores my countrymen blighted by poverty for generations. I come from a family of doctors and from my childhood seen the suffering in the patients’ faces with great consternation and grief.

This is why I propose to join Ajim Premji University. I have seen the website, the profile of the outstanding faculty members, and the work being done by the alumni of this unique institution. The curriculum and the ethos of this university appears so appealing to me because it leverages academic brilliance of the teachers and the students to implement ground-breaking schemes to spread education and healthcare awareness in the rural hinterland of India.

I have studied Economics as my optional, and my grasp of Chemistry will stand me in good stead to teach sanitation, nutrition and poverty alleviating methods to the rural poor. I have also worked with the Ramakrishna Mission’s rural outreach programmes for two months on two occasions. My heart lies in our villages. So, my request for a seat in Ajim Premji deserves a sympathetic consideration.

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