BSE English – At The High School Answers- Class 10

  1. How was the performance of Gandhi in primary education?

Gandhi was not surely a laggard in his class, and used to be in the good books of his teachers. His progress in studes was satisfactory, and he managed to get  a good character certificate from the school. When he received prizes after Cass 2 and Class 5 and 6, he was pleasantly surprised because he felt he didn’t deserve any.

2. Why the teachers had loved Gandhi very much?

Gandhi was keen that his conduct in school was impeccable. He worked hard to wards it. He, thus, endeared himself to his teachers who rewarded him by giving prizes to him.

3. When Gandhi was   punished with corporal punishment? What did he think about it?

When he was in Class 2, Gandhi had the misfortune of being awarded physical punishment. Not used to such punishment, and having taken good care to maintain a spot-less character, Gandh was grievously hurt at his plight. He cried piteously, but never remonstrated against the teachers’ decision.

4. Who was Gandhi’s favorite headmaster at school? Why was he popular among the students?

Gandhi had fond memories Mr. Dorabji Eduji Gimi whom he admired as the head master of the school. He was a disciplinarian, and was convinced about the need of physical training for his students. Besides being a good teacher, he was quite methodical in his work. Gandhi adored him.

5. Why did Gandhi stay aloof from school games? How did he change his earlier notion?

Mr. Eduji Gimi, as the HeadMaster, made cricket and gymnastics compulsory for students. Gandhi could never make sense of such stress on games. He felt, a student should focus on academics only, and nothing else. He remained aloof from all such activities in the school. Much later in life, Gandhi realized that physical education is indispensible for youngsters, and the schools must never fail to make their students play.

6. What two reasons does Gandhi state for his absence from gymnastics?

Gandhi had an ailing father at home who needed nursing help. Gandhi attended to his father as a devoted son. After his school hours, Gandhi would rush home to nurse his father. Apart from this, a general shyness plagued Gandhi always that made him avoid sports and games activities at school. 

7. What punishment did Mr.Gimi inflict on Gandhi for his absence in gymnastics?

One Saturday afternoon, sprts activities were set to be held in the school at 4pm, although the school had shut much earlier that day. Gandhi had no clock at home, and the sky was overcast that day. Gandhi failed to judge the time and reached well after the games were over. The head master saw the roll, and decided to impose a fine on Gandhi for his ‘willful’ absence. Gandhi paid the fine, but felt he had been unjustly punished.

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