Today’s Current Affairs November 28 (from The Hindu, The Economist)

November 28, 2019 (Sourced from Hindu, The Economist) Front Page New Maharashtra government shares powers with Allies Ajit Power will be Udhav Thackeray’s Deputy Chief, and Congress to get the Speaker’s post. With relative ease, the new government under Chief Minister has dispelled doubts about … Read more

Today’s Current Affairs November 26 (from the Hindu and other sources)

November 26, 2019 Front page Supreme Court will deliver Maharashtra judgment today A three-member bench of the Supreme Court will deliver its judgment today that, hopefully, would break the impasse in Maharashtra. The country awaits, with baited breath, to hear the judgment. ** According to … Read more

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte -Catherine’s character

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Catherine Earnshaw Linton Character Analysis Miss. Catherine Earnshaw– later, Mrs.Catherine Linton– is the central character in Emily Bronte’s gothic novel Wuthering Heights. From the beginning, she appears as an enigmatic, stubborn and defiant woman, who shreds the readers’ moral sense … Read more

Today’s Current Affairs November 24 (from The Hindu, The Economist and other sources)

Why you need to read this newsletter daily… A young man or woman entering their career today without a fair degree of general awareness and English skill, is as handicapped as an infantryman fighting with one hand tied in the back. Core domain knowledge is … Read more

Today’s Current Affairs November 23 (from The Hindu & The Economist)

Current Affairs November 23, 2019 [from The Hindu, The Economist and other sources] Front page .. Udhav Thackeray to head Maharashtra Udhab Thackeray will cobble together the necessary numbers with the help of NCP and Congress. The development came after days of back-door parleys among … Read more