A letter to your father telling him about how you expect to fare in the H.S.C. Exam – BSE Class 10

In our Letter Writing Series meant for students up to Class 10, we focus on teaching learners proper letter writing skills that can fetch them good marks in Exams. This letter from a student is in response to his father’s benevolent letter for success in the Board Exams.



                                                  January 14, 2021

My dear Father,

I am so glad to have your affectionate letter wishing me a roaring success in the coming H.S.C. examination and advising me how I should prepare in the last few days left.

As the examination draws nearer, I have stepped up my efforts to plug the gaps in different subjects as was reflected in the school examination. I am happy with the way of my preparation in English, Sanskrit and MIL where I hope to score 90% each. My intense focus on Mathematics, Social Science and Physical Science seems to bear fruit as I have begun to score close to 100% in these three subjects. Life science continues to be my Achilles Heel, but I am trying to confront my weakness in it with renewed vigor.

My last few days have been plagued by anxiety, nervousness and lack of sleep. I know I must not fall prey to these signs of panic that can be fatal to my chances of scoring high. As advised by mother, I do prayer and meditation to overcome the feelings.

I assure you that I will walk I to the examination hall with confidence. A high score will gladden you and mother and pave my way for a good career. However, I know exams often deceive students, so I am ready for the worst too.

Yours sincerely


P.S. Tell mother not to worry about me. I will not let her down.

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