Letter to BDO requesting Sanction of fund – Letter Writing Exercise 12

In today’s Letter Writing Exercise, you’ll learn to write a formal letter to the BDO requesting for sanction of fund to repair of the village road. If you haven’t read our previous Letter Writing Exercise yet, click here to do so now.

Letter to the BDO for Sanction of Fund:

Birabalabhadrapur, Puri

January 16, 2021


The Block Development Officer                         

Puri Sadar Block,


Sub: Request for sanction of some money for repair of the village road

(Through the Sarpanch)

Respected Sir/Madam,

We, the villagers of Birabalabhadrapur, bring to your notice the decrepit condition of our village road which connects us to the highway. The road has become so muddy and full of potholes that even driving a cycle on it appears hazardous. The road’s miserable condition has begun to hit village trade in vegetables and coconuts. Ambulances and trucks have to wait at the village end waiting for patients and goods to be ferried there.

The road needs urgent repair so that such continuing hardship to people is addressed. Since MNREGA scheme is being implemented in our area now, this work may be included in the scheme, so that the necessary funds are available with ease.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

(Villagers of Birabalabhadrapur)

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