Of A Questionable Conviction by Jayanta Mohapatra – CHSE Plus 2 Alternative English

Of A Questionable Conviction – Jayanta Mohapatra Stanza One: This is a man who talks of painas though it belonged to him aloneMaybe he has invented it himselfand made a virtue of it.May be he is a poet. Meaning … Poets and writers almost universally … Read more

English Learning in Slow Pace 4 – The Man-Eating Leopard

In our English Learning in Slow Pace Series, we aim to break down higher level English lessons into small – easy to understand chunks for the beginners. There will be questions from important sections of the stories which, combined together, give a good overall idea … Read more

Odia – Hindi to English Translation – 20

Presenting our Twentieth English Translation Exercise for our Odia and Hindi readers. Give it your best and when done, compare your answers with our model Translations given underneath. आषाढ़ का एक दिन सन 1958 में प्रकाशित और नाटककार मोहन राकेश द्वारा रचित एक हिन्दी नाटक … Read more