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  1. Invitatiom To English – 1
    (Prose and Poetry)
    Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha
    Bhubaneswar +2 Examination

    Contents (Poetry) – Daffodils
    – William Wordsworth
    All Q&A

  2. Gifts by Ralph Waldo Emerson แปล
    “Gifts of one who loved me,
    It was high time they came;
    When he ceased to love me,
    Time they stopped for shame.” มีความหมาย

  3. Precise writing
    Men are not made in the same mould, like a lot to bricks. It would have ill-suited
    the wants of the world if it had been so. Consequently, even in the same country, men
    differ in disposition, and inclination and manners, and opinion, more probably than they
    do in face or form. And between the people of different countries the contract is even
    more striking. We have then, also, different sentiments, different sympathies, different
    hopes, different ways altogether. It will always be so. So long as there are different
    minds, there will be different views on all matters that admit of opinion. So long as there
    are different degrees or latitude and longitude, as well as differing circumstances there
    will be different interests different attachment and different habits. It behoves us,
    therefore, to cultivate a generous spirit of forbearance towards those, of whatever race,
    who may think differently and act differently, from ourselves. Even though we may be
    convinced that they are wrong, if we know them to be sincere, we should still bear with
    them and give them credit for their sincerity.
    This is the virtue of toleration or bearing with others when we may differ from
    them, or may not like their ways. Toleration should be shown in all differences of opinion
    on even the highest matters of life and death; and there it is of more value than anywhere
    else. When we cannot agree with one about a point of science, or philosophy, or faith, we
    can at least agree to differ from hi, and there is an end. We must always remember that
    we are all likely to make mistakes and possess weaknesses, and that we ourselves need
    the same forbearance and sympathy. We are, besides, all of the same human brotherhood,
    and should, ?like brothers, agree?.

    • Humans are all different from one another in taste, thinking, intelligence and beliefs. Such divergence helps a country to meet all its needs of skilled man power. When we step out, such divergence becomes starker and apparently irreconcilable.
      The best way to avoid rift and exist harmoniously is to accept such difference with grace and respect. We can always avoid continuing acrimony by agreeing to disagree with our rival. When we know we all have weaknesses, imperfections and shallowness of intellect, conceding ground to our adversary will be wise. Tolerance and an urge to live peacefully should override tendencies to argue and fight. (103 words)

  4. Is it possible to get an English Language Practice Sheet that covers all the topics for ISC Boards and a few samples for Proposal writing in the ISC Format?

    • Yes, it’s possible, but it would be better if you please make a list of the different items you need. We will provide you the answers.
      By the way, if you are keen to upgrade your English skill and Current Affairs knowledge, pleas write to me for a one-month long intensive English coaching programme based on Hindu, BBC, and some novels. The coaching will prepare yu for a career in Law, CS, or Journalism.


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