Vocabulary Exercise – English Skill Building – 156

Vocabulary Exercise

English Skill Building – 156

Fit the following words in the gaps in the sentences given below


Refute, ratcheted up, legitimate, thrive, reiterates, comprehend, adheres, austere, anonymity, wheeled out, litany, slashed, regime, reigns, flogging, amid, anguish, regressive


After the AAP became a national party, the BJP has begun to sense some challenge to its dominance. It has __________ pressure on AAP using the authority of the Liuetenant Governor, who generally abides by the orders of the central government.
The BJP spokes persons have strongly __________ such charges.
The government at the center simply can not dislodge a government led by an opposition party. The Constitution does not permit any arbitrary action against a __________ government that people have voted for giving it a majority.
Although in a very crude form, democracy has __________ in India because all parties and the judiciary __________ to the provisions of the Constitution.
Whenever there is a center-state political crisis, the Supreme Court simply __________ the provisions of the Constitution and passes an order. The dispute ends there.
In one case, a PIL was filed by an activist listing a __________ of serious lapses by the Child Welfare Department in protecting the interests of orphans in orphanages run by the government.
It was alleged in the PIL that the Department had __________ the annual budget of the orphanages citing constraints on spending demanded by the Finance Department. “This cut in budget was difficult to __________,” said the judge hearing the case. The learned judge added, “We can understand why the government wants to be __________ in its spending, but depriving orphans of their basic minimum needs is unacceptable.”
The court expressed its __________ at the inhumane attitude of the government.
The court erupted in anger when the NGO’s advocate mentioned that the children were subjected to __________ for minor offences. To buttress his stance, the advocate played an audio in which an inmate of the orphanage had mentioned under condition of __________ how the orphanage supervisor __________ a physically handicapped boy in a winter night as punishment for demanding medical attention for the fester he had in his crippled leg. This led to the government counsel standing up to rebut the charges. __________ the angry exchanges between the two advocates, the judge intervened to say that showing indifference to the vulnerable children of the orphanage was a __________ policy and must be stopped.


1. Racheted up, 2. Refuted, 3. Legitimate, 4. Thrived, 5. Adhere, 6. Reiterates, 7. Ittany, 8. Slashed, 9. Comprehend, 10. Astere, 11. Anguish, 12. Flogging, 13. Anonymity, 14. Wheeled out, 15. Amid, 16. Regressive

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