Essay on Air Pollution

Breathing new life into our lungs At last, India seems to have woken up to the pain polluted air inflicts on the un-suspecting public in the country. The problems get more and more acute as urbanization proceeds apace and more and more people move from … Read more

Essay writing — School level

Paper has more Patience than Man Ever since Paper was invented in China, it has continued to make deep inroads to the life of humans. In combination with the pen, it remains the most preferred medium to express one’s thoughts. Books, newspapers, important legal documents, … Read more

Essay writing –National Integration

  National Integration In the Indian context, National Integration is a matter of paramount importance. As an ancient country with mind-boggling diversity of race, religion, language and culture, India relentlessly grapples with fissiparous tendencies. Thanks to a judicious mix of military power, political acumen and … Read more

Essays (250 words) for bank P.O and junior college-Suggestions for alleviating India’s unemployment problem

Suggestions for alleviating India’s unemployment problem in India With varying estimates of unemployment emanating from the EPFO, CMIE (Center for Monitoring Indian Economy), Labour Bureau, and some other agencies, it has become a contentious topic to state the actual number of unemployed and under-employed people … Read more