Grammar — Use of ‘somdewhat’ and ‘rather’ in sentences

Use of ‘somewhat’ in sentences.

Example 1…   Sasmita had gone to her friend’s birthday party wearing a traditional Sambalpuri saree whereas all others came wearing western clothes. Sasmita felt somewhat awkward as others stared at her often.

Example 2 .. The temperature at Rench today is 2 degrees less than that of yesterday. It feels somewhat bearable.

Example 3 .. After the election setback, BJP spokespersons on TV appear somewhat sober and controlled.

Example 4 .. Many of Sani’s friends are somewhat confused about whether they should go for Arts or Science in Plus 2.


A different way ..

Example 5 .. The husband’s unmindfulness on the bridal night confused the wife somewhat.

Example 6 .. Monalisa resembles her mother somewhat.


Use of ‘rather’   ..

Example 1 . .. No doubt the song is patriotic, but its singing by the artist was rather dull.

Example 2.. The employee was annoyed that the company had released her salary a day late.

Example 3 .. The doctor felt gthat Monalisa was rather too much time on her mobile.

Example 4… The government had sounded a warning that a very severe storm would hit Puri soon, but, thankfully. The storm turned out gto be quite weak.

Example 5. The young lady flatly told her paents. “I would rather marry a deaf and dumb man than marry an unemployed man.”

Example 6 .. The cancer patient was told by the doctor that he would die in the next 48 hours. Instead of feeling any sorrow, the patient smiled and felt rather relieved rather. He felt that he would escape the pain permanently.


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