Write Your Version – Creative Writing – 152

Write Your Version

Creative Writing – 152

Break down a complex sentence and write your thoughts

a. Break this long sentence into small and easily understandable sentences. The small sentences must be grammatically correct.

Steep Russian casualties in key battles in eastern Ukraine have prompted an unusual public outcry — and sharp criticism of military commanders — by surviving soldiers, and family members of recently conscripted fighters, who say their units were led to slaughter in poorly planned operations. The uproar over battlefield losses near Vuhledar in the Donetsk region prompted a rare official statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, which sought to play down the reportedly high death toll.

b. Write your thoughts / response to the following in 5 to 10 lines.

1. One day, you received an Amazon parcel. This was the first time you got one such thing. On opening it, you saw a nice watch inside it. State your reaction.

2. You are a conservationist fanatically attached to the cause of conserving the Amazon rain forests. You saw, with great despair, the way President Bosonaro allowed indiscriminate felling of the precious forests. He lost the recent election to his left-leaning successor Lula. What was your reaction?

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