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Payal Kapadia shoots to fame as her film wins award at Cannes

Ms. Payal Kapadia (38) has won international acclaim by winning the second highest award at the 2024 Cannes film festival. Her short film ‘All We Imagine as Light’ won the Grand Prix adding another feather to her cap as a creature filmmaker.

Before this award, she had won the Golden Eye award in the 2021 Cannes Festival for her documentary ‘A Night of Knowing Nothing’.

A graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Ms. Kapadia was born to a mother who too had great artistic talent. Nalini Malabo, Payal’s mother, was an accomplished painter and a video artist.

Ms. Payal Kapadia, while studying at the FTII, had demonstrated her tendency to think independently and give vent to her feelings fearlessly. She had raised her voice against the appointment of Gajendra Chouhan as the Institute’s director. Her agitation had led FTII to file a criminal case against her.

One can hope that Ms. Kapadia will continue to make her mark in the global stage as an art film maker and win laurels for her country in the coming years.


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