Vocabulary building throuh sentences

Learning new words through sentences ..


Grueling … The election officials who worked from 8am to 8pm on the polling days had to cope with the grueling heat conditions throughout India.


New recruits to the army are deliberately put through grueling climate conditions to make their bodies tough.

Reassured… After conducting the blood tests, my doctor reassured me that I had no trace of cancer in my body.


The manager reassured his staff that none among them would be retrenched in the coming one year.


Lishi’s teacher reassured her that her lost pen would be soon be found.

Watershed … If Sneha gets a NEET score above 600, it would be a watershed development in her life as she can hope to get a seat in a government medical college.


Many political analysts in the opposition say that the election results in India mark a watershed moment for Indian politics as it demonstrates that Indians are more worried about their bread-and-butter issues than communal matters.

Patriarchy … In almost all Indian families the opinion of the ma,le member is given more importance than that of the female members. Such system in the society based on gender is called patriarchy.


In some families, patriarchy leads to a curb on the daughters’s education.

Entrenched … In our society, the practice of dowry and caste discrimination are deeply entrenched.


In this child’s mind, fear of ghosts is deeply entrenched as a result of which she fears walking alone in darkness.

Machismo… The police inspector wears a long and dense moustache to demonstrate his machismo.


Rugby players act and talk like super humans to underline their machismo.

Leaflets .. The election candidate distributed leaflets that carried his photo and his promises.

Delusion … It is now proven that the BJP’S claim of securing 400 or more Lok Sabha seats was nothing but a delusion.


A girl in our village sings Hindi film songs very well. She suffers from the delusion that she could become  Bollywood singer within days of her reaching Mumbai.

Grandeur .. The grandeur of the Mysore Palace leaves the visitors spellbound.

Stipends… The Dalit students of our school receive monthly stipends from the government.



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