Writing Your Version – Creative Writing – 150

Creative Writing – 150

Write Your Version

Writing practice exercises for English learners

Answer the following in short answers of about 175 words.

Q1. You had gone to the hospital to see your friend who had been admitted there for treatment for typhoid. During your presence there, a patient in the same ward died. His young wife, now widowed, was wailing inconsolably. Describe to your friend how you felt then.

Model answer – I had come to the hospital to look up my friend admitted there for typhoid. Little did I know that I would witness such a heart-breaking sight. A young man’s dead body was lying on the bed next to my friend’s. He had passed away just minutes ago. The hospital staff stood there nonchalantly ready to remove the dead body. For his young wife, the world had come crashing down. The bread earner of the family has departed at such a young age. Now a solitary life of financial hardship and physical insecurity awaited her. I looked at her face with pity. She had clutched the dead husband’s feet and was pleading him to come back. My heart melted to see her face turned black with sorrow. I thought I could help her, but was helpless. Fate had been very cruel to her. I struggled to leave that ward, but had to come out. I prayed to God to be kind to her, and give her strength to sail safely through this treacherous world.

Q2. A truck carrying a full load of coconut oil tins had overturned in the road side. Local villagers had rushed to the spot, but instead of helping the injured driver, they were carrying back bagfuls of the oil tins to their homes. The police van arrived on the scene. Imagine and write what would have happened there after the arrival of the police.

Model answer – It was a bizarre scene. A truck lay beside the road with its tyres and under carriage exposed to the road. The driver and the cleaner were both injured and lay on the ground groaning with pain and pleading for help. Ignoring their cries, about a 100 people were frenetically collecting the coconut oil cans. Many carried away the cans on their shoulders, while a few others were putting them on their hand carts. Possibly, a third of the cargo had found their way to the nearby villages. It was worse than loot, because no one heeded the driver and his helper’s frantic calls for medical help. It was such a vile display of greed and criminality.
Someone had called the police. The police van arrived in the spot. The crowd of looters fled in fright, but some were caught by the police. The injured driver and the cleaner were put on the police van and rushed to the nearest hospital. Later, the police managed to seize the stolen oil cans and arrest other miscreants.

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