Grammar — Use of ‘somdewhat’ and ‘rather’ in sentences

Use of ‘somewhat’ in sentences. Example 1…   Sasmita had gone to her friend’s birthday party wearing a traditional Sambalpuri saree whereas all others came wearing western clothes. Sasmita felt somewhat awkward as others stared at her often. Example 2 .. The temperature at Rench today … Read more

Feature writing –Why China surges ahead and India lags in Science, compared to the U.S

China’s long strides in science leaves the U.S. in unease, while India flounders in its efforts to draw level After a period of stubborn denial, America now concedes that its rival China has done close to it in many areas of science and technology. The … Read more

Translation –Odiya to English

Trnslate the following sentences to English,  … 1. ତୁମର ବୟସ ୨୫ ବର୍ଷ  ହୋଇଗଲାଣିଏବଂ ତୁମେ +୨ ପାସ୍ କରି ନାହଁ। ଏହି ପରିସ୍ଥିତି ରେ ତୁମକୁ ଚାକିରି ମିଳିବା ଅସମ୍ଭବ। 2. ଟ୍ରକ୍ ଟି ଅଧା ରାସ୍ତାରେ କୌଣସି କାରଣରୁ ଅଚଳ ହୋଇଗଲା। 3. ତା’ର ଏକୁଟିଆ ଡ୍ରାଇଭର ଟ୍ରକଟିକୁ ଛାଡ଼ିଦେଇ ନିକଟସ୍ଥ ସହରକୁ ଯିବା ପାଇଁ ନିରାପଦ … Read more

Vocabulary building throuh sentences

Learning new words through sentences ..   Grueling … The election officials who worked from 8am to 8pm on the polling days had to cope with the grueling heat conditions throughout India. Or New recruits to the army are deliberately put through grueling climate conditions to … Read more

English lesson for young lerners –Jharkhand girls’ trafficking

Exercise for young learners (1)…. Alert woman helps rescue six girls being ‘trafficked’ to Delhi (This news appeared in The Hindu dated June 3, 2024.) ALISHA DUTTA   NEW DELHI Six minor girls from Jharkhand who were being brought to the national capital on a … Read more