Report Writing – Report on Corona – BSE Class 10

In our Report Writing Exercise series, you’ll learn to write quality reports that can bring you full marks in Examinations. Today’s report will be on the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus which you must be already very familiar with. Study and observe the structure of traditional report writing below:

Date: December 16, 2014
The Editor ,
The Times Of India
From: ABC, Staff Reporter
Subject: Report on Corona Pandemic in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: 14 December: Odisha has been badly battered by the pandemic and the lockdown. Local economy, mostly rural, has been decimated and the district hospitals including the private ones are now flooded with patients. Shortage of protection kits, oxygen cylinders, and medicines have made an already bad situation worse. The doctors and nurses have been working commendably to bring solace to the patients, but long hours of work have sapped their energy.

The state government has mobilized record numbers of paramedical staff, doctors, nurses, police personnel, and volunteers to manage the situation and curb further spread of disease. Dedicated Covid hospitals have been set up, and the arrangements in existing ones beefed up.

With the help of the police, people with Covid positive blood reports are being quarantined in centers set up in all district headquarters. Testing of unsuspected population is proceeding apace with daily test numbers rapidly increasing. The entire service of spotting, quarantining and treating the cases is made available free by the government.

People returning from outside the state are subjected to more intense scrutiny. Invariably, they are being put under 14-day quarantine. Enforcing their seclusion has proved to be a daunting task for the police as the home-bound returnees are restless to meet their families.

As per the latest figures, nearly 70,000 cases have been treated with 45000 recovery and 760 deaths. This puts Odisha ahead of other states in the country in managing Covid-19.

There is considerable panic, particularly among the rural folks. The government is spreading awareness about importance of wearing masks, physical distancing, and early reporting. Government is using TV, radio, and newspapers to spread the message. Despite such all round effort, the enormity of the pandemic remains grave, especially because small businesses and public transport are shut. This has caused very acute financial difficulties for daily wage earners, street vendors, and owner of small businesses.

Sd/ Staff Reporter

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