General Studies for Civil Service Exams – 3

Painful corrections to China’s run-away growth – Policy shift towards conservatism buffets business icons grievously Evergrande, the construction behemoth of China now stares at bankruptcy as the State turns on the heat on it. China’s construction giant, the Evergrande Group, once the country’s pride, is … Read more

Suspending Intellectual Property during Covid-19 Times – Civil Service Essay 5

A plethora of vaccines are now available for use. The vaccines came years in advance, triggering great hope for mankind. The scientific community, who spearheaded the astonishingly fast race, was driven by human inventiveness that peaked due to global pressure. Apart from this, private capital … Read more

No Magic Wand to Solve India’s Farming Sector Woes – Civil Service Essay 2

A reform that embraces the whole country is a planners’ nightmare. Diversity of crops, weather, and economic conditions of farmers frustrates attempts to bring them under one umbrella. States, therefore, have to spearhead reforms, not the Center. Farmers must sit on the table when reforms are considered. The Center must realize this. Read more: