All things bright and beautiful – BSE Class 10 – Textbook Question Answers

All things bright and beautiful by C. F. Alexander

1. Why does the poet praise God in this poem?

Ans: Quite understandably, the poet feels a deep sense of gratitude to God for the latter’s hand in creating bright and beautiful things that continue to enchant us round the year. With great amazement, the author beholds the tiny birds with their tinier wings, the colourful blossoms, and the majestic mountains that show their purple tops during the sunrise and the sunset, and the cold wind of the winter.

2. Why is the summer sun so pleasant?

Ans: The Summer Sun gives the humans a much-needed respite from the frigid cold of the Winter. It adds warmth and comfort to the lives of people. Ireland, in particular, bears the brunt f Winter because of its proximity to the North Pope, and this makes the advent of Summer Sun that much welcome.

3. Why has God given us eyes and lips?

Ans: Eyes enable us to behold the mind-boggling beauty and diversity of all of God’s creations. In the same way, our lips permit us to sing His praise for making the world such a wonderful place to live in. These two sensory organs are God’s gifts to us.

4. What do we enjoy around us?

Ans: The breathtaking array of myriad items in Nature fill our mind with joy and bliss. The flora and fauna present a large canvass of beautiful cretions such as tiny birds, colourful flowers, glowing Sunrise and sun sets, the mountains and the terrain etc.

5. Why does the mountain top look purple?

Ans: The Sun emits reddish colored rays during sun rise and sun set. They fall on the mountain tops looking blue due to vegetation. The combined effect of red and blue gives rise to a purple coloration. It leaves the poet bewildered.

6. What does the poet say about the two seasons?

Ans: C.F. Alexander is an Irish. The country reels under extreme cold in winter making people yearn for some warmth. The summer brings the much-needed warmth and comfort. This is why the poet focuses on these two seasons only.

7. How would you estimate God?

Ans: The poet perceives God as an omnipotent creator who has a superb sense of beauty, and aesthetics. The beautiful birds, the flowers of many hues and shapes, the woods, streams and the terrain are all His creation. In a nutshell, God is the Creator, par excellence.

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