A letter to a friend inviting him for a picnic party – BSE Class 10

In today’s letter writing exercise, you’ll learn how to write a proper letter to your friend inviting him for an exciting picnic party that has been planned.



 January 14, 2021

My dear Rohit,

 I have an exciting news to break to you. Gopal, Mohit, Ashok, and I have planned a picnic at Lake Chilika on Jan 24th. We have made all the arrangements tentatively. 

It would be really great if you join us. This picnic, I can assure you, will be much more enjoyable than our last year’s outing to Konark, because we are carrying cameras, and our Casios. We will play the latest film tunes, and dance to out heart’s content. Mohit will bring veg. Biriyani from his house, and I will take Jhalebis for all of us.

Don’t lose this opportunity for some 8 hours of great fun. Come and join us. You may reach my house on Jan 24th morning at 8am. We will proceed to bus stand from there. We will be back by 10pm the same day.

Please convey my respects to your parents.  I will come and meet them a day or two after we return from the picnic.

Hoping to hear a confirmation from you,

Yours truly,


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