As we all realize in our everyday life, English skill works like a differentiator between a person perceived to be of high intellect, and another considered  ‘second class’. The differentiation may be quite irrational, but it is so painfully true.

Even in blue-colored jobs, employers expect their employees to be English-savvy. Ability to read and interpret manuals, talk to customers, and speak to superiors in the shop floor needs reasonable proficiency in the language.

For those looking for careers in Civil Service, Management, Law, Journalism, or Teaching, good English skill is a fundamental requirement. In top Indian universities in India and the west, it is the students with exceptional caliber in English, who flourish and win accolades.

In schools, we all begin our journey to the fascinating world of English. The amazing array of words, phrases and idioms gives this language the universal appeal, and power to shape our creative mind. Schools, and the junior colleges, therefore, play a pivotal role in English language learning.

This website, created by a pool of IIT and IIM graduates seeks to arm the young learners with the skill to use English to win the race of life.

We welcome critical comments from students, teachers, parents, and English enthusiasts, so that we can make this site more successful in its mission.

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Sibani Tripathy

I am preparing for Bank PO examination and I find this site very useful to crack my exam. The site helps not only improve my English writing skills but also make me updated about the current affairs. The site is very educative and appropriate and I think one can crack any difficult examination by following the site regularly.

Gazal Agarwal

Good evening sir!
Could you help me out with an essay?
It’s on a financial aid requirement.
Why are you applying for the financial aid?
This is particularly for a finance online course that’s a bit steep and not affordable for me right now.
Being a college student with no income I don’t want to put pressure on my parents.
So if you help me how to start and go about it.

Thank you.


I have no details, which course, where, what fees etc. Writing blindly will not be wise.
I suggest you write it yourself and mail it to me for value addition.


sir I need solution of tamil nadu 12th english pls


Since the time is short, can you give me the list of lessons you need first?


I need solution of class 11 book of Tamil Nadu New Updated Syllabus Worths to ISC standard.


Reply Faster sir


Send me lesson names (prioritize).


I love the fact you cared to mention the obvious. We can’t reach out to all and sundry conveying that a language can’t evaluate individual intellect. English has evolved into ‘the global language’ thanks to many contributing factors (Colonization being one of them) and in this day and age it’s essential to have prowess in it.

Sen Pai

I agree.

Priya puri

Can you please help with prose and poetry of class 11&12 CBSE ,ENGLISH


Yes, I can. I have posted notes and Q&A of quite a few lessons in this blog. Do you need anything beyond this?


Gud evening sir!!
Can u help me out with an essay??
Topic : “India in 2020”
400 words…

Plzzz answer asap..


Sir can you help me out with an essay??
Topic – “India in 2020”
400 words

Plzz answer ASAP…


Jan 4, by 10PM


Ok sir..


The year 2020 will go down in the history of independent India as the most tumultous period. In terms of human misery , it surpassed the turbulent times in the immediate aftermath of independence when murder and mayhem became the order of the day. Million crossed the border through and from Pakistan in search of security and solace. India was a feeble just-born baby then. By 2020, India had already made phenomenal progress in almost all walks of life to the fifth largest economy in the world. But the hubris of success was mocked by a tiny virus that emanated possibly from Wuhan in China to spread throughout the world like quick fire. The virus knwn as the corona virus was elusive, highly infectious, and had n cure. Going into a wrenching lockdown was the only option before Prime Minister Modi. The jury is still out as to whether Modi was right in clamping an abrupt standstill order. What followed was a painful grinding to halt of the economy with markets, transports, factories and offices closed. Possibly, this slowed the spread of the virus, but there was n respite. Most heart-rending were the sights of millions trudging back home with empty stomachs, tired limbs, and a frighteningly uncertain future. The footages of the hungry men and women shook the conscience of the country and the world.
More painfully, the economy went into a sharp downward spiral with billions of dollars of national wealth wiped out. Idia will take many months to come out of this abyss.
To add to India’s misery, China staged an unprovoked unarmed attack on Indian soldiers at Galwan valley. Some 20 gallant Indian soldiers were bludgeoned to death. India was instantly galvanized to rebuff the Chinese challenge. Since then, an uneasy truce prevails t the borders.
India joined the QUAD – a military anti-China alliance of the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Japan. It was a wise move to keep China on notice.
The internal political scene was also as fractious as ever. Communal forces engaged in strident communal rhetoric, embarassing India in the global stage. Twards the fag end of the year, farmers of Punjab and Haryana rose in revolt against the three Farming bills. The agitation shows no sign of dieing down. On the whole, hard times lie ahead for the whole country.


Thnq soo much sir ?


Hello everyone This is shivkant Rajouria
I want to improve my writing skill.means effective writing ✍️




Good work mate


Hii many of the chapters of class 12 alternative english chse odisha has been covered but some a not yet available on your website. If you could provide them then it would be grateful. Mentioning the chapter names the wonder world of science,our environment,world of buisness,changing world,the tree. If any fees are required then please contact me on my mail


Thank you very much but as our examinations are going to be conducted in feb it would be very much helpful if you could post it before jan end. Please sir . As no other resources are available in our alternative english you are my only hope left.🙏

Abdul Rehman Tahir

Hey, It has been a valuable assistance through the explanation of Sir Francis Bacon’s essays. thanks alot. but now I have been unable to find the explanation of Simulation and dissimulation and his essay Of Great Places. please help me to find these explanation.
A.R. Tahir

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