ICSE Class 9 & 10 Language — Join the sentences exercises to improve syntax skills

Exercises for improving syntax skills…

Join the following sentences to make a single sentence..

  1. My uncle is the vice-principal of my college. I was sick four days. I couldn’t pay the fees before the due date. I thought I would face no difficulties if I pay the fees late.

     2. The truck was carrying a full load of coconuts. It was moving in high speed. It over-turned due to the sharp bend of the road. The                  coconuts lay scattered. Villagers came in great numbers. They took away the coconuts.

      3. Minu is the tallest girl in the class. Her height helps her to play basket ball well. She is selected as the captain.4.

     4. Neha was the class monitor. It was a hot summer. The school’s tap had dried up. The students faced difficulty for drinking water.                 Neha approached the principal about the problem. She didn’t listen to her. Instead, she said casualy that arranging water was not                her job.

     5. I had cycled 10 kilometers to reach my hostel room. I entered the room. I switched on the regulator of the fan. Smoke started coming           out from the regulator. I was alarmed. I rushed out.

  [Answers will be posted tomorrow.]


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