Phrasal verbs for effective communication in work place.

Using Phrasal verbs for good communication..


Chicken out… It means ‘becoming too nervous to do anything’.

Example .. It was the first day for Rupali in her job where she had joined as a Python programmer. Her manager gave Rupali a somewhat tricky code to write. She looked at the task, but she instantly chickened out. Her manager understood her predicament and gave her an easier one. (Here it means that Rupali became so nervous on seeing the coding exercise that her brain stopped working, and she had to give up. It was a case of utter failure that happened due to her panic reaction.)

Freak out .. After months of preparation and many interviews, Rupali got a job in an MNC where she had appeared in an interview weeks ago. Seeing her job offer and the fat salary package, she freaked out and slumped on her bed in extreme joy.


The woman was living alone. On hearing some loud bangs on her door at midnight, she opened the door. There stood two men, one pointing a gun at her. She freaked out and screamed in fear.


Rupali didn’t get a pay rise whereas every one of her colleagues got it. The news freaked her out.


The low seat count of BJP in recent general elections freaked out the top leadership of the party.

Freak (someone) out ..

Her lover was a singer of romantic songs that were often heard over the radio. One evening, she heard one such song over the radio. The song freaked her out, and she was lost in emotions.


The company’s headquarters were raided by the ED officials. The news freaked out the potential investors who were planning to invest their money in the company.

Put (something) off..

Due to no good reason, Monalisa keeps putting her MS Excel practice off.


The computer trainer advised the students not to put off their coding practice even by a day.

Put (someone) off .. Ashok, an IT graduate, sought an interview with the HR Manager of the company to discuss his suitability for a position, but the latter kept putting him off. (It means ‘avoided meeting him’.


Renuka didn’t love Mahesh, but the latter loved her very much. Once Renuka told her sister, “Mahesh keeps asking me out, but I keep putting him off.”

Put someone off (something) … Khusi told Lishi, “Can you be quiet please? I am preparing for my PW test tomorrow, and you are putting me off.”


Sasmita is a strong-willed girl. Once she makes up her mind to learn a certain computer language, nothing can put her off.


The sudden sound of a huge explosion outside the stadium put the players off their game.

Put someone off (something/someone)..

The husband’s smoking habit put his young wife off.


The aroma of fresh mutton curry attracts the Sikh young man but puts off his Gujurati friend who is a strict vegetarian.


In IT companies, people have to put in close to 12 hours a day, and that puts off many bright young men and women.

Put sth off ..

The cabinet meeting was put off for two days as the prime minister was unwell.


The HR team put off the job interview as very few candidates turned up for it.


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