Words & Phrases 8

Fete, Pander, Putsh, Fixate, Prefigure, Hogtie, Rabble rouser


Fete .. as noun .. The girl wanted to stage a dance show in the fete organized in her school to raise money for the widows of the Pulwama CISF martyrs, but her conservative parents shot down the idea.

As verb .. When the Dalit young woman got selected in the Civil Service, her college feted her in a big function.

Pander .. A growing up child needs to be pulled up and dealt with sternly when they grow up. Instead, when the parents pander to all their demands for different luxuries, the child is certain to become wayward and a big headache on growing up.

Putsh .. Omar al-Bashir, the deposed president of Sudan is now spending time in jail after a putsh by army dethroned him.

Fixate .. The maid was fixated on the necklace the new daughter-in-law wore. Unable to resist the temptation, one day she stole it cleverly from her neck.

The BJP is fixated on the Balakot air strike, because it feels the revenge attack could get it electoral gains.

Prefigure .. In India, no opinion poll can realistically prefigure the win or defeat of a candidate, because it’s a very complex country with so much of diversity.

Hogtie .. meaning one .. After the terrorist was caught, the police hog-tied him, so that he couldn’t escape him by any means.

Metaphoric meaning .. The economy of Pakistan can’t steam ahead, because it’s mired in too much internal violence, and it spends a disproportionate amount for its military.

Rabble rouser .. In order to protect its image as a responsible and inclusive political party, BJP must rein in its rabble rousers who whip up religious extremism that unsettles many citizens. 



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