Vocabulary Exercise – English Skill Building – 145

Vocabulary Exercise

English Skill Building – 145

Learn to use the right word in the right place


1. The Odisha High Court has sanctioned strength of 30 judges. Sadly, there are just 12 of them now. As a result, the Curt is functioning in a i.__________ (depleted, truncated, retarded) manner. The Chief Justice of the court has expressed his helplessness in the matter, and ii.__________ (rues, regrets, rumbles) that he can’t do anything to address the issue. He told a group of Bar Council representatives that the center is iii.__________ (dragging its feet, procrastinates, vacillates) over the matter leading to shortage of judges not only in Odisha, but also in most other high courts. He feels the iv.__________ (inexcusable, inexplicable, indefensible) delay in filling up the vacancies has resulted in piling up of cases.

2. A group of tourists had gone to Kashmir for a vacation. I was one among them. In the morning, just as everyone was getting ready for the outing, I to, my horror, found that my bus ticket given to me the day before was not in my pocket. I frantically looked for it in the v.__________ (stack, bundle, pile) of papers, clothes and sundry items that had been dumped on my bed. But, I didn’t find it. Panic and sorrow was vi.__________ (accumulating, piling up, gathering) in my mind. I cursed myself endlessly.

Just as I slumped on the sofa in utter frustration, my close friend came in and handed me the ticket I was looking for. She looked at me gapingly to know why I looked so vii.__________ (befuddled, berated, bemused). I told her I never knew the ticket was with her. She looked at me viii.__________ (astonishingly, regretfully, nonchalantly) and joked that I was the most stupid girl she had ever known.

We got into the bus as it made its way through the road ix.__________ (shrouded, piled up, covered) with snow. We were busy taking photographs of the place. Soon, a tragedy struck. The bus x.__________ (turned away, veered off, toppled over) the road and fell on a shallow ditch by the side of the road. In seconds, the passengers, gripped with fear, xi.__________ (ran off, scrambled off, piled off) the bus.


i. Truncated, ii. Rues, iii. Dragging its feet, iv. Inexplicable, v. Pile, vi. Piling up, vii. Befuddled, viii. Nonchalantly, ix. Piled up, x. Veered up, xi. Piled off

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