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Paraphrasing exercise to improve English skills

A recent article about Israeli attack on a Gaza hospital appeared in CNN. We have paraphrased the first two paragraphs to illustrate how English language permits describing something in multiple ways. You can see the answer and write our own and mail it to us for evaluation and value-addition.




Paragraph 1

Israeli forces launched a raid Wednesday on Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, after accusing Hamas of operating from tunnels beneath the vast complex – a claim denied by the militant group and hospital officials.


Paragraph 2


Thousands of Palestinians are believed to be sheltering in and around the hospital, which has been surrounded by heavy fighting, trapping vulnerable patients, staff and displaced Palestinians as they run out of medical supplies and fuel.





——————————–To be continued ——————————–




Paragraph 1


Alternative 1 ..

Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, long-suspected to have Hamas-built underground military tunnels, was raided by Israeli forces resulting in widespread damages. The Israeli contention of the presence of such secret tunnels under the hospital has been refuted by Hamas.


Alternative 2…….. 

Rubbishing Hamas’s disclaimer that it was operating tunnels deep under the al-Shifa hospital complex, the Israeli forces mounted a massive raid on the hospital complex on Wednesday.


Alternative 3 …..

Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital was the target of a massive raid by the Israeli military on Wednesday. The Israelis had long claimed that the Hamas had dug a network of tunnels deep under the hospital for its military operations. The Hamas, however, has vehemently denied such Israeli claims.



Paragraph 2 ……


Alternative 1..

Considering the Hospital to be a safe haven, thousands of civilians had taken shelter over there. In addition to this crowd, the large hospital had thousands of patients and medical staff when the Israeli forces converged on it with their guns blazing. Already operating with depleted medical supplies. the Israeli assault crippled the Hospital.


Alternative 2 …

When the Israelis encircled the hospital firing their guns with full force. The al-Shifa hospital complex had thousands of ordinary civilians sheltering in it to escape the looming Israeli attack on their homes. The hospital had thousands of admitted patients and its usual medical personnel when the Israeli assault happened. The hospital, severely affected by a paucity of medical supplies, was hard hit by the Israeli attack.


Alternative 3…….

Assuming that hospitals are generally not targeted by enemy bombing, thousands of ordinary Gazans had taken shelter in the al-Shifa hospital complex. Apart from them, the hospital had thousands of patients and its medical personnel when the Israeli military converged on it displaying their deadly destructive force. The hospital operating with insufficient medical supplies was hard hit by the assault.


———————————————-To be continued ——————————–


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    I am a U.S. citizen where I use English for all my written and verbal communication. The paraphrased passages sourced from CNN are unique examples of beautiful English that can help students in South Asia, Africa and Europe. I strongly recommend it to all those who want to improve their English skills quickly.

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