Uneasy Homecoming – BA Alternative English – Questions and Answers

Uneasy Homecoming

by Will F Jenkins

Questions and Answers (AECC BLOCK – 01)

1. Where was Connie’s house located? Would you call it a lonely house?
Answer – Connie’s house was situated in one side of the bay where very few were there. No doubt, it was a lonely house.

2. The first sentence of the story tells us about Connie’s unease. What factors contribute to her sense of dread?
Answer – On that evening, Connie was returning to her home all alone. Her husband, Tom was scheduled to reach home around midnight. It was getting dark as the dusk fell. All these factors made her feel uneasy.

3. When she arrives home, what is that Connie feels as she looks around?
Answer – As Connie entered her home, she found nothing unusual as the interior looked so normal. However, a sense of unknown fear seemed to lurk in her mind.

4. What were the things that Connie failed to notice when she went round the house and the garden?
Answer – Connie couldn’t take notice of a motor cycle kept in the garage. It didn’t belong to her house. So, it must belong to a stranger. Strangely, she didn’t bother about this.

5. What is the first thing that Connie does? How does she react to the noises?
Answer – She had just heard some strange noise coming from inside her house. Obviously, there was an intruder inside. Connie was gripped with fear. Connie went into the garage and found the motor cycle there. She opened a tap and petrol dripped from it.  She dropped a lighted match stick and the petrol on the floor caught fire. The tall flame attracted the attention of the fire fighters who soon came towards her house. She felt relieved.

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