Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

NCERT English Class X —-   Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

Para 1 .. Mrs. Packletide’s nature was far from being self-effacing. She wanted to shoot a tiger, not so much for the thrill or a desire to rid India of a menace, but to settle scores with one Mrs. Loona Bimberton, who had won accolades for her trophies in feline hunting. It was an affront to Mrs. Packletide’s vanity. It is not known if anyone else thought so, but for the vainglorious Mrs. Packletide, Mrs. Bimberton’s rise to fame was jarring.
She was bent upon shooting a tiger. The desire was born out of jealousy. She was desperate to outdo her rival Mrs. Bimberton who had recently been flown around for eleven miles by an Algerian pilot for recognition of her hunting acumen. Mrs. Packletide chose to hunt down Nirmod, the tiger whose skin she could flaunt under the glare of a bevy of press photographers’ cameras. The celebration could be followed by a lunch to be hosted by her in her Curzon Street residence ostensibly to felicitate her rival Mrs. Bimberton.

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