Editorial on UN demand on climate change

  A climate proposal that needs to be spurned by India The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres  has proffered a climate control advice which, if accepted, will decimate the industrial infrastructure of the country and result in painful stagnation. Mr. Gueterres has asked India to cut its carbon emission by a whopping 45% … Read more

Civil Service essay – Human migration over the centuries –How it has reshaped the world (Part 1)

Human migration over the centuries –How it has reshaped the world  (Part 1) Perhaps the earliest mass migration of human beings started in 2000 BCE when large masses of people began to move from the Central Asian region to settle in the areas we see as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh today. These people … Read more

Essay on America’s Civil War and the BLM movement

Notes to understand America’s Civil War History, and the present ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in police custody   America as we see today was not so before 1865. The country had sharp difference of opinion on the legality, morality, and desirability of the system of slaves. Morally, to … Read more

Hindu Editorial — Shankar murder acquiital

An acquittal that’s so unsettling and repugnable:  Udumalpet Shanker murder case needs a judicial revisit Madras High Court verdict strikes at the root of freedom of marital choice guaranteed by the Constitution Chinnasamy murdered Shankar, a Dalit youth for marrying his daughter. It was marriage of two adults who chose their life partners out of … Read more

Current Affairs — Vishakhapatnam Gas Leak tragedy

A gas tragedy that Vishakhapatnam will not forget for a century LG Polymers is a chemical plant situated in the densely populated RR Venkatapuram locality in Vishakapatnam. Its owner, LG Chem of South Korea manufactures polystyrene monomer in this facility. Polystyrene monomer is an ingredient used in manufacture of fiberglass and rubber that go into … Read more

Odisha State Board Plus 2 – The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady Think it out 1 Why was it hard for the author …………………… pretty? Answer. .. His grandmother’s face was marked by wrinkles, loose hanging skin. Her voice was unsteady, and her lips quivered continuously. Her hair had turned completely grey. Seeing these, the author, then a young boy, couldn’t imagine … Read more