English Vocabulary Exercise – 45

English Skill Building – 89


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words


The election was virtually a one-sided contest. The victorious candidate got more than three lakh votes, where as his rival got just 27,000 votes. The winning candidate decided to take out a victory procession to thank the voters for the 1__________ victory. His followers were quite 2__________. They danced in the streets, sang songs, and distributed sweets.
The mood in the rival’s camp was very 3__________. The supporters felt quite 4__________ and angry. They hardly spoke with each other and sat 5__________ around their leader. After some time, they began to accuse each other of not 6__________ sincerely. Soon, the supporters began to 7__________. The leader intervened to stop the ugly fight.

[Spar, Landslide, Bitter, Huddled, Euphoric, Canvassing, Depressed]


1. landslide, 2. euphoric, 3. depressed, 4. bitter, 5. huddled, 6. canvassing, 7. spar

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