English Skill Building – 114 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 114


Inserting the right word at the right place

Fill in the blanks in the paragraph by selecting the right word from the list given at the end of the paragraph.

My grandmother loved Indian classical music very much. In fact, my grandfather chose to marry her after knowing that she was an 1__________ of Carnatic music. She also read books on music of other 2__________ such as Hindustani music, folk music, besides her favourite, Carnatic music. I remember seeing a big 3__________ of books written in Hindi, English and Tamil lying on her table all the time. Her day started quite early, as she did her daily singing practice lessons from 5am to 6.30am. My grandfather wanted his morning cup of tea at 6.30 am sharp. On many occasions, finding my grandmother 4__________ in her music practice, he would quietly slip into the kitchen, and make tea for both. This would leave my grandmother utterly embarrassed. My grandfather showed no irritation at this because he saw some 5__________ in his wife’s dedication to that of his elder brother, who was renowned musician.

We had in our family’s possession a big photo album that had numerous photos of my grandfather’s brother receiving prizes from eminent persons. Towards the end, there were a few photos of my grandma receiving prizes from dignitaries. She was a very introverted person who 6__________ publicity of any kind. She didn’t preserve her photos.

[List of words – abhorred, sophisticated, engrossed, aficionada, heap, semblance, genres, nostalgic, remembrance]


1. aficionada, 2. genres, 3. heap, 4. engrossed, 5. semblance, 6. abhorred

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