English Skill Building – 116 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 116


Word exercise to learn new useful words

Fill in the blanks of the following paragraph selecting the right word from the list given at its end.

A proposal was mooted in the village high school to take the final year and pre-final year students to the museum situated in Hyderabad in south India. The museum is famous for its collection of rare 1__________. On hearing this, the students were agog with excitement. However, the mood among the teachers was 2__________. This is because almost all of them had seen it at least a dozen times. This apart, escorting a big group of boys and girls to a museum is an arduous job. Many of them were 3__________ ignorant of history. Finally, it was decided by the Principal and Vice-Principal that the two lady history teachers would be given the responsibility. Hearing this, the two 4__________ teachers made a dash to the Principal’s chamber to express their indignation over the decision. They argued that it was a job for the male teachers. ‘They could not escape their responsibility, pushing us to the fore,’ they protested.
The Principal made his case saying that museum was an 5__________ of national importance. It would be an injustice for the students to pass out of the school without seeing the museum. The senior of the two lady teachers was a bit 6__________ in nature. She ceded first and agreed to take the responsibility. Seeing this, the junior teacher 7__________.

[Acquiesce, Flurried, Antiquities, Appallingly, Pliant, Subdued, Edifice]


1. Antiquities, 2. Subdued, 3. Appallingly, 4. Flurried, 5. Edifice, 6. Pliant, 7. Acquiesced

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