English Skill Building – 118 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 118

Vocabulary Exercise

Using the right word in the right place

1. I trembled in fear on seeing a man with a knife standing near my window.
2. The soldier shivered in cold in his outpost in Ladakh.
3. I collapsed due to weakness after working non-stop for 24 hours.
4. I shook in anger on seeing that the tailor had made my new shirt’s length too small.
5. I murmured a curse when the traffic police imposed a steep fine on me for a minor fault.
6. I refuted the charges brought against me by my hostile neighbor.
7. I recounted the kidnapping scene before the police.
8. I recollected the 15-year-old incident with my mother’s help and wrote it down on a paper.
9. I pitied the robber who was being beaten by the police.
10. I emptied the trash of the kitchen into the garbage bin.
11. I poured out my feelings before my mother.
12. I procrastinated with my project work, and had to lose marks for my incomplete work.
13. I rebutted the prosecution lawyer’s arguments.
14. I stood my ground on the property dispute with my neighbor.
15. I gave in when my 7-year-old son pestered me for hours for a chocolate.
16. The girl vacillated for months after the young man proposed to her.
17. I relinquished my lucrative job and decided to go on a year-long tour.
18. I dithered about accepting the new responsibility forcing the management to entrust it to another person.
19. I overcame the fear of my boss after he spoke to me reassuringly.
20. I put cold waters on my sister’s proposal to buy a fancy clock for our study room.

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