English Vocabulary Exercise – 46

English Skill Building – 90


Fill in the blanks with the words given underneath


There were two very rich families in the village. One family was headed by a lawyer, and the other by a doctor. Sadly, they were constantly at odds with each other. They competed bitterly to become the Sarpanch (village head) of their village. During community festivals, the heads of the two families 1__________ over minor issues.

The doctor family wanted to set up a maternity clinic for the benefit of the local women. The advocate family felt it will add to the clout of the doctor family. They obtained a stay order from the court against the maternity clinic project. By doing this, they successfully 2__________ the building of the clinic.

The success of the advocate in blocking the clinic project 3__________ him to be more aggressive towards the doctor family. The advocate posted some 4__________ comments against the doctor family. The family members of the doctor were 5__________ by the action oof their rival. They lodged a complaint with the police against the advocate. Soon, the two eminent families of the village were 6__________ in a bitter feud. The police advised both the families not to 7__________ the conflict further as such animosity tended to 8__________ them from their professions. The two families decided to end their bitterness, and become friends. After one or two years, the advocate died. The doctor 9__________ the man who was once his arch enemy, but had become his close friend recently.

[Spar, Thwart, Outlive, Embolden, Embroil, Distract, Offensive, Provoke, Stoke]


1. Sparred, 2. thwarted, 3. emboldened, 4. offensive, 5. provoked, 6. embroiled, 7. stoke, 8. distract, 9. outlived

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