English Skill Building – 115 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 115


Words that sound similar

Learn the use of these similar-sounding words

Source as noun, Source as verb, Resource, Resourceful, Scare as noun, Scare as verb, Score as noun, Score as verb, To settle a score, Scarce, Scanty

Source [Noun]

– The police asked the thief about the source of the gold ornaments in his possession.
– Don’t believe a news unless it is from a reliable source.
– The teacher asked, “Do you know what is the source of the river Ganga?”

Source [Verb]

– The grocery shop owner sources the biscuits directly from the factory.
– I sourced the solution of this mathematical problem from an old text book that belonged to my mother.


– In war, the rival side lose huge quantities of resources such as, men, arms, ammunitions etc.
– The government increased the tax rate to boost its resources.


– Sasmita needs a resourceful person to guide her in her studies.
– The villagers elected a very resourceful man to the post of Sarpanch.

Scare [Noun]

– The sighting of a leopard in the vicinity of the village created a scare among the villagers.
– In recent times, the scare of Covid has come down somewhat.

Scare [Verb]

– The entry of the police jeep into the village scared the people. The women remained indoors.
– A good opening batsman must not be scared of any type of bowling.

Score [Noun]

– I asked my friend what was the score of the Indian side in the one-day match.
– The student with cent percent score in mathematics gets a prize from the school.

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Score [Verb]

– He scored a century in his first match winning praise from everyone in the media.
– The girl fees depressed because she has scored poorly in all important subjects.

To settle a score

– Bhima settle a score with Duryodhana by breaking his thigh in a deadly fight.
– The Indian side defeated the Pakistani side convincingly and settled a score with them for their earlier defeat.


– Sandalwood is a scarce item.
– During Covid, oxygen became very scarce due to heavy demand from the patients.
– Government jobs have become very scarce in recent years.

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