Vocabulary Exercise – English Skill Building – 136

Vocabulary Exercise

English Skill Building – 136

Fill in the blanks with the right word choosing them from the list of choices given


1. After the banks were nationalized by the Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the general public, especially the bank customers reacted to it with mixed feelings. Some said, it would be easier for small farmers and businesses to get loans, while others said that the general administration of the banks would __________ with time and customer service would deteriorate. Sadly, the second fear proved to be more true than the first. (Slacken, Regress, Dampen)

2. I will narrate my own experience in the matter. On one occasion, my father had remitted some money to me for my studies. The amount didn’t get credited in to my account for weeks adding to my difficulties. I went to the bank and politely asked the manager to let me know why there was such __________ delay. (In excusable, Inordinate, Lamentable).

3. To my surprise, he heard me out rather casually, __________ his shoulders and walked away. (Escaped, Shrugged, Dropped)

4. I felt hurt and belittled. My __________ changed from innocence to angry. (Façade, Demeanor, Persona)

5. I paced along the __________ thinking what I could do to make the manager respond to my query responsibly. (Corridor, Vestibule, Verandah)

6. No doubt, his unresponsiveness had __________ me strongly. (Insulted, Mitigated, Piqued)

7. —————— and anger was writ large on my face. (Vexation, Hostility, Peevishness)

8. I decided to confront the manager. I took out the __________ I was wearing on my shirt to protect me from the winter’s cold. (Coat, Tunic, Shroud)

9. I waited outside his cabin for a few seconds thinking how I would take him on. I could hear the __________ from inside where the manager was busy talking lightly to an old man who hawked fried eatables in the streets. (Noise, Chatter, Dialogue)

10. I decide to __________ into his chamber and demand an answer from the manager. Incidentally, I owed the hawker some money as I had bought some food items from him on credit. (Intrude, Trespass, Invade)

11. The old man’s presence helped me to __________ the hardship I was facing without money. (Heighten, Underscore, Credible)

12. This man was once an affluent person in the town who arranged for his son’s education in an __________ college. (Leading, Elite, Front-runner)

13. Sadly for him, soon after the son got married, he along with his wife __________ to the U.S. his parents in the village. (Decamped, Emigrated, Fled)

14. The old man’s life is ruined, reduced to __________. (Stones, Rubble, Debris)

15. His ungrateful son had __________ him leaving him to battle for a living. (Rejected, Deserted, Left-over)

[Word list – Vestibule, Hawk, Tunic, Deserted, Piqued, Shrugged, Chatter, Intrude, Emigrate, Elite, Underscore, Slacken, Inordinate, Vexation, Piqued]


1. Slacken, 2. Inordinate, 3. Shrugged, 4. Demeanor, 5. Vestibule, 6. Piqued, 7. Vexation, 8. Tunic, 9. Chatter, 10. Intrude, 11. Underscore, 12. Elite, 13. Emigrated, 14. Rubble, 15. Deserted

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