English skill building by Paraphrasing

Original article from CNN titled” Being a mother in Gaza is a matter between life and death” Rajaa Musleh, 50, has been sheltering at Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility, which has been inundated not just by patients, but also displaced people desperately hoping that … Read more

The Watchman – Questions and Answers – CHSE Odisha +2 Alternative English

The Watchman by R. K. Narayan Questions and Answers for the Short Story included in the CHSE +2 Alternative English book ‘Approaches to English – II’. Click here to download the PDFs of Approaches to English I & II free of cost. Section – I … Read more

Uneasy Homecoming – BA Alternative English – Questions and Answers

Uneasy Homecoming by Will F Jenkins Questions and Answers (AECC BLOCK – 01) 1. Where was Connie’s house located? Would you call it a lonely house? Answer – Connie’s house was situated in one side of the bay where very few were there. No doubt, it … Read more

The Way to Equal Distribution – BA Alternative English – Questions and Answers

The Way to Equal Distribution by Mahatma Gandhi Questions and Answers (AECC BLOCK – 02 : Prose) 1. What do you know about non-violence? Answer – Non-violence is a lofty trait that makes a person to resolve his conflicts by adopting persuasion, reason, tolerance, love, … Read more