English Skill Building – 112 – Grammar and Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 112

Grammar and Vocabulary

Active – Passive Conversion and Filling in the Blanks

a. Convert from Passive to Active.

1. All my forays into the goal area of the rival side were thwarted by their two defenders.
2. My captain and I were utterly dismayed by our failures.
3. Surprisingly, two quick goals were clinched by one of our center-forwards named Harpreet.
4. At the end of the match Harpreet was felicitated by the president of our hockey club.
5. My brilliant stroke play was obscured by the boisterous atmosphere that prevailed on the ground.
6. I was disheartened by the non-recognition of my talent by my captain.

b. List of new words used in the earlier Passive -Active exercise. Learn them.

[Boisterous, Dismay, Foray, Thwart, Obscure, Felicitate, Clinch, Mar, Court, Ruckus, Clinching]

c. Fill in the blanks with the right word. Choose it from the three choices given in brackets.

1. In the New Year party, most revelers were drunk. They played loud music and created very unruly scenes inside the club. Son, the police arrive to stop the restrain the __________ [ruckus, mar, boisterous] gathering.

2. I had worked hard to score cent percent in mathematics, and had, in fact, done well in the test. When I saw my marks, I was utterly disappointed. I conveyed my __________. [dismay, thwart, clinch]

3. After the murder, the police raided the house of the prime suspect and unearthed a dagger with blood stains hidden in a shallow pit. When the police submitted these findings in the court, the judge accepted them as __________ [clinching, clinch, mar] evidence of the involvement of the suspect in the crime.

4. The Indian trade delegation worked hard to persuade their U.S. counterparts to buy the Covid vaccines from India. After a marathon 6-hour negotiation, the Indian side __________ [foray, obscure, clinch] the order and returned home happy.

5. The hunter went deep into the forest to shoot the man-eater. Sadly, his __________ [foray, felicitate, court] proved to be fatal as the tiger attacked him and killed him before feasting in his flesh.

6. There are a few politicians in India who have no control over their tongues. They make rude and vulgar public comments against their rivals, and __________ [obscure, court, mar] needless controversy.

7. Utkalamani Gopabandhu Dash was born in an __________ [obscure, dismay, mar] village of Odisha, and later became the state’s most revered social leader.

8. Gopabandhu had many critics who tried hard to __________ [thwart, mar, felicitate] his attempts to spread education in rural corners of Odisha.

9. He wrote a beautiful essay, but his writing was __________ [obscure, marred, thwart] by multiple spelling errors. The examiner took a dim view of the answer and gave just pass mark.


a. Active – Passive

1. The two defenders of the rival side thwarted all my forays into their goal area.
2. Our failures utterly dismayed my captain and me.
3. Surprisingly, one of our center-forwards named Harpreet clinched two quick goals.
4. At the end of the match, the president of our hockey club felicitated Harpreet.
5. The boisterous atmosphere that prevailed on the ground obscured my brilliant stroke play.
6. The non-recognition of my talent by my captain disheartened me.

c. Fill in the blanks

1. boisterous, 2. dismay, 3. clinching, 4. clinch, 5. foray, 6. court, 7. obscure, 8. thwart, 9. marred

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