English Vocabulary Exercise – 37

English Skill Building – 68

  1. Medvedev cruises past Tsitsipas, meets Djokovic: The fourth-seeded Russian continues his red hot streak 
  2. The domestic grind resumes
  3. Royals break the bank for Morris; PBKS, RCB spend big

Cruise past ..

  1. In the Maths Olympiad, my youngest daughter cruised past all her siblings, although she had worked the least for the competition.
  2. The Indian and Pakistani Hockey teams were 2-2 till the last five minutes of the match when India scored the third gal and cruised past Pakistan.

Continue one’s red hot streak

  1. This was the third debate competition he own in a row. He has managed to continue his red hot streak even though he had to face some formidable rivals along the way.
  2. The wrestler won his third math through a hard-fought win. Thus, he managed to continue his red hot streak.

Break the bank ………………..

  1. He was determined to buy the house because it had earlier belonged to his great grandfather. He said he will pool all his savings to arrange the amount. If needed, he will break the bank for this purpose also. (Exhausting all the resources)
  2. During the lockdown, revenue fell alarmingly. Some state governments had to brake their bank to pay salaries to their staff.

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