English Vocabulary Exercise – 36

English Skill Building – 67


  1. Axar puts the finishing touches to India’s stirring comeback
  2. Lights, camera, auction: 292 players to go under the hammer
  3. Tsitsipas roars back to knock out Nadal

To put the finishing touches ….

  1. General Rawat, the Chief of Defence Staff is now putting the finishing touches to the plan for long time deployment of India’s air asses close to the Chinese border.
  2. I have finished revision of the Mathematics syllabus. I will need to give the finishing touches to my preparation before the examination.

Stirring comeback ..

  1. There was a time when BJP had just three M.Ps in parliament. Under Advani’s leadership, it staged a stirring comeback and took this number close to 200.
  2. In chess, the Russian grandmaster had nearly lost the game as he was left with just three pawns and a rook. However, from his hopelessly defensive position, he staged a stirring comeback and turned the table on his rival in just five intelligent moves.

Go under the hammer ..

  1. Nearly 50 old passenger buses of the transport Corporation will go under the hammer today, as the court does not allow their plying on the road.

Roar back .. Ashwin’s fine spell with the ball helped India to roar back to glory by defeating the rival English side.

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