English Vocabulary Exercise – 34

English Skill Building – 65

Sports Page of Hindu February 15, 2021

  1. Ashwin’s wizardry has England staring down the barrel
  2. Finger on the pulse!
  3. WI pips Bangladesh in thrilling finish
  4. Dimitrov stuns Thiem; Djokovic hangs on to win: Osaka battles back from the brink; Serena, Halep set up date

List of words, phrases, and expressions

Sentences ..


  1. Pandit Ravi Shankar’s wizardry in Sitar won him worldwide fame.
  2. The puppeteer’s wizardry in orchestrating the dance drama in the royal court endeared him to the queen so much that she offered him a permanent place in the palace to stay with his other artisans.

Staring down the barrel ..

  1. The Congress Party, with no effective leadership at the helm, is staring down the barrel.
  2. After the energetic vaccination of people, the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States appears to be beginning to slow down. So, the country once looking down the barrel appears to be regaining hope.

Finger in the pulse..

  1. To be a mass leader, a person must have their finger on the pulse of the people.
  2. One of the most visible shortcomings of Rahul Gandhi is the fact that he often appears aloof and remote, where as he should be having his finger on the pulse of the people always.


  1. The Indian athlete exhibited a sudden burst of energy to pip her European rival in the Olympics.
  2. The Afghan cricket tem considered underdogs by many pipped the Pakistani side and won accolades from one and all.


  1. In the Mahabharat battle, Abhimanyu stunned the big guns of the rival Kaurava side by his fighting skills.
  2. The BJP is hoping to stun Trinamool in the coming Bengal elections.

Battle back from the brink ..

  1. The dying cancer patient miraculously battled back from the brink and began to recover very well to all the treatments given to him. He survived the crisis.
  2. By scoring 140 runs off just 100 balls, the last pair not only helped their team not only to battle back from the brink, but also win the match by 3 wickets.

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