English Vocabulary Exercise – 6

Vocabulary Exercise – 6

English Skill Building – 6

Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


In India, voters have an impression that both BJP and Congress, the two main political parties are beholden to corporate interests. This is largely true.

Russians may be angry with Gorbachev for causing the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but they must be beholden to him for the freedoms they enjoy today in their daily lives.


Very large corporate houses are a danger to the economy in some sense, because they adopt predatory methods to stifle the growth of the small companies to eliminate competition.

Shark is a predatory marine species. If it proliferates, the survival of many other forms of marine life will be endangered.


Although Gandhiji spent his youth in England studying law, he chose not to drink. He remained a teetotaler all his life.


[It means loud laugh] On the new year day, two sailors entered a pub, drank heavily. Their loud guffaw attracted the attention of everyone in the crowd.


For now, President Trump appears to have warded off any fear of indictment for being complicit in Russian meddling in the last election.

It’s strange how certain politicians in India do not face indictment despite being involved in multiple corruption cases.


The fire brigade couldn’t reach the place of fire because it was ensnare in the city traffic jam.

Snake catchers can easily catch even the most poisonous snakes by ensnaring them.

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Sir, Could you plz post essays on the following topics.
1-science – a boon or bane
2- an ipl match you have watched ,in about 300-400words.


Sir plz respond…


Science, a boon or a bane
This is a question which doesn’t require much brain to answer. If scientific discoveries and inventions are put to good use i, e, for alleviating the suffering of mankind, science is certainly a blessing. Take the case of radioactivity and the all the collateral inventions that went with it. When we look at its benefit to mankind the list stretches unendingly. From use of X-ray machines to Chemotherapy for cancer, radioactivity plays a big role in path-breaking procedures in critical medical care. Radioactivity is used for preservation of agricultural produce, as tracers in biological research, and in space explorations. The most visible benefit is the steady supply of nuclear power that lights up our homes, and runs our industries. So, science involved in radioactivity is unmistakably a boon.
Science involved in radioactivity studies has given us the nuclear bombs that can incarcerate our mother earth in minutes, and leave it in such inhospitable state that for centuries not a blade of grass can grow on the soil. We saw its devastation in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, countries have bombs of far greater destructive capacity. Obviously, scientific knowledge has brought with it danger of unimaginable proportions.
One can take the example of advances in Chemistry that has led to discovery of so many life saving drugs. At the same time, chemistry has given us the chemical warfare weapons that can inflict excruciating pain on the victims.
It’s difficult to conclusively say if science is a boon or a bane. It depends upon who uses it for what purpose. Advances in agriculture has allowed human beings to feed themselves by producing ore food. At the same time, over-exploitation of earth’s resources using scientific tools has led to disaster. Global warming is a direct fall-out of over exploitation of coal. This is the ugly face of science.
In a nutshell, some sagacity, and wisdom in using science can do us a lot of good in every aspect of life. Indiscretion, greed, and arrogance can lead to unethical and highly calamitous uses of science. So, let’s be wise in our use of science and not misuse it and then blame it.
I don’t watch IPL, so can’t write on it.


A heartful gratitude to you…

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