English Vocabulary Exercise – 5

Vocabulary Exercise – 5

English Skill Building – 5

Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


For Kanheya Kumar, the odyssey from Begulsarai to JNU and back has been very eventful. He has recorded his experiences in his book ‘From Bihar to Tihar.’


For the early Portuguese traders, the port in Bombay served as the entrepot, where they built warehouses and small colonies.

Establish a beachhead

The British and U.S. forces evicted the original inhabitants of the Indian ocean islands of Diego Garcia to establish a beach head there. Now, the U.S. has built a large military base there.

Brows being furrowed

[It is a sign of disapproval] When the advocate started to mention his PIL in the Supreme Court, the sign of furrowed brows of the CJI indicated that the plea might be rejected.


Positive sense – The naivety of the bride about cooking matters amused her kind mother-in-law, instead of annoying her.

Negative sense – The naivety of the nurse about dialysis procedures worried the hospital doctors.


Sardar Patel adopted a tough approach towards the vassal states that were part of colonial India to make them agree to join the Indian union.

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