English Vocabulary Exercise – 4

Vocabulary Exercise – 4

English Skill Building – 4

For CBSE, ICSE, ISC, CHSE, NCERT and all state board students – Learn new words and phrases with practical examples


In the days leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union and in its aftermath, Russian society experienced epochal changes in all walks of life. Some relating to economy were very painful, while those related to political freedom were really exhilarating.

To get short shrift

During the hearing of the Tik Tok case, the advocate’s contention that banning the App will infringe upon the Fundamental right of expression got short shrift from the Chief Justice of India.

The candidate seeking nomination for a parliamentary constituency got short shrift from the party president, and within minutes announced his desire to switch to the opposite party.


President Trump makes little effort to conceal his disdain towards the South American refugees seeking entry to the United States.


Meaning 1 – When the new manager joined the office, everyone was surprised to see that he presented a fresh white rose to whoever entered his chamber first. This intrigued the staff, but no one dared to ask. Soon, they realized that this one of the quirks of her nature.

Meaning 2 – By a quirk of fate Dr. Manmohan Singh became the prime minister of India, but he disgraced himself by showing unwarranted subordination to Sonia Gandhi.


A leopard had strayed into the village located in the periphery of the jungle. People, armed with lathis, had surrounded it, and were about to kill it. The forest department officials arrived in the nick of time to save the beleaguered leopard.


Marco Polo was a legendary sea farer who travelled by sea to China and other Asian countries. He apprised the Europeans about the culture, and wealth of the Asian people, particularly the Chinese through his scholarly travelogues.

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