English Skill Building – 94 – Vocabulary

English Skill Building – 94


Learn new words by placing the words at appropriate places

Fill in the gaps with the right word

1. Strangely, all the computers in the bank broke down simultaneously. The manger suspected some __________ [nuisance, foul play, notorious]

2. The room was filled with foul smell __________ from the rotten fish. [emanating, airing, flying]

3. __________ from her beautiful voice, she has spectacular maths skill. [Leaving, Except, Aside]

4. When I started dancing in the puja pandal, my mother took me __________ and sternly told me to stop. [away, aside, apart]

5. The fast bowler put up a stellar performance in the match. He bowled __________ for long spells forcing the rival batsman to make fatal mistakes. [forcefully, unerringly, effortlessly]

6. Taliban boys and girls grow in the hostile and __________ mountainous regions of Afghanistan. This makes them physically and mentally so tough. [dogged, rugged, treacherous]

7. Due to their austere and uncompromising stance on women’s freedom, the Taliban have failed to __________ [garner, accumulate, assemble] enough support internationally.

8. All the development __________ during the pandemic lock-down went downhill causing great worries for the finance minister. [numbers, calculations, indices]

9. The boy was very energetic and extrovert right from his childhood. He grew up to be an __________ young man in his later life. [irrepressible, irresponsible, smart]

10. In the __________ that follows 26th January celebrations, our school took part. [show, pageant, march]


1. foul play, 2. emanating, 3. aside, 4. aside, 5. unerringly, 6. rugged, 7. garner, 8. indices, 9. irrepressible, 10. pageant

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