Sentence Combining Exercise – 3

English Skill Building – 93

Rewriting Sentences

Towards better writing skills

Answer the questions according to the instruction given in the brackets

1. My father intervened to end the feud between my brother and me. [Rewrite the sentence starting it with ‘The feud…….”]
2. India does not approve of any other country’s intervention in Kashmir issue. [Convert from Active to Passive]
3. The government has issued orders to rush relief to storm-ravaged areas. [Convert from Active to Passive]
4. I was debarred from entering the temple due to heavy rush of pilgrims inside. [Convert from Passive to Active]
5. The court’s proceedings stopped when the two rival lawyers came to blows. [Re-write the sentence eliminating the word ‘when’]
6. The collapse of the bridge occurred due to overloading that happened when 20 trucks ran on it. [Rewrite the sentence introducing the word ‘when’]
7. My mother told me, “You mustn’t leave home while I am doing mu puja.” [Convert from Direct to Indirect]
8. My father told me, “Don’t switch on the TV when I am resting after meals.” [Convert from Direct to Indirect]
9. The police fired indiscriminately against the mob, and killed 15 persons. [Rewrite the sentence with the starting word ‘Indiscriminate’]
10. If a teacher discriminates against a student from the lower class, she will be reprimanded by the management. [Rewrite the sentence starting with the word ‘Discrimination’]


1. The feud between my brother and me was brought to an end through the intervention of my father.
2. Any other country’s intervention in the Kashmir issue is not approved of by India.
3. Orders to rush relief to storm-ravaged areas have been issued by the government.
4. Heavy rush of pilgrims inside the temple debarred me from entering it.
5. The exchange of blows between the two rival lawyers stopped the court’s proceedings.
6. With 20 trucks running on it, the bridge collapsed.
The running of 20 trucks on the bridge caused its collapse.
7. My mother told me that I must not leave the home while she did / does her puja.
8. My father told me not to switch on the TV when he was / is resting after the meals.
9. Indiscriminate firing by the police resulted in the death of 15 people from among the mob.
Indiscriminate firing by the police at the mob led to 15 fatalities.
10. Discrimination by any teacher against a student of the lower caste will invite strict reprimand from the management.

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