English Vocabulary Exercise – 40

English Skill Building – 76

March 10

  1. Jhulan and Smriti script a dominant victory for India Spinner Rajeshwari, too, chips in with the ball while Punam Raut contributes with the bat as Mithali’s side pulls level in ODI series
  2. England shot itself in the foot

Script a (dominant) victory.. To achieve victory through intelligent effort.

Chip in .. To make a small but significant contribution

Pull level …To come to the small level as your rival in a match or competition

Shoot oneself in the foot .. Ro commit a blunder that causes embarrassment and humiliation

March 9

  1. New India revels again in an impressive triumph of the collective
  2. MCFC pips Goa on penalties

Revel again….To  be exuberantly happy

Pip .. To defeat

March 8

  1. Shastri takes a dig at ICC for rule change
  2. Coach all praise for the young guns

Take a dig ..To mount a verbal attack

March 6

  1. Unstoppable Pant, immovable Washington seize the moment

Seize the moment.. To make the best use of the opportunities available at a given moment


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